Friday, July 15, 2011

My Twin Boys 17th Birthday

Okay, 17 years ago I was a wreck, very sick and had been put to be for almost 10 weeks after discovering that we were having twins and that they were discordant. Asa, the little one, was not getting enough blood supply because Ezra, bigger, had a much larger umbilical cord, thus more blood supply. Enough of the details..they came early because I had developed toxemia and we were not sure i would even make it. But that is another story for another time...You will have to invite me to one of your women's events or weekends to share my whole story and testimony of the fragrance of the Lord and when I felt my life slipping away how He spoke to me.

On that day my babies, Asa Robert who weighed in at only 2 lb 7 oz and Ezra Thomas who weighed 3lbs 10 oz, were born. They were so small but fighters. This day is so special to me because knowing they would be my last children born and the physical struggles we all three had to go through and to see them now - strong, tall, and full of life - brings me so much joy and happiness to know that as a mom I am blessed.

We celebrated with a beautiful homemade hamburger cake our daughter Glory Thompson created.
what every 17 year old wants for a gift!

our young men!

So proud of our young men now, no longer babies, but ready to take on the world. I am honored to be your mother!

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