Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Hunt For The Perfect Flats

I love a good shopping expedition. It feels like a hunt: the best price, the perfect color, the separates that need matching shoes. So was my day yesterday. I had some birthday money and knew if I did not spend it on myself then it would go to gas, groceries, or the endless needs of my teenagers. So I went the mall, not sure what I was going for but women get the idea. My lioness prowl mode was turned on. I found a cute black basic shirt at Dillards with a clearance jacket in an animal print that I thought would look cute and dress up some great black straight leg jeans I had recently found marked from $125 down to $24! Yes, I love a bargain. Well I knew I needed some comfortable flats for winter but I did not have much birthday money left so I headed to Payless for affordable shoes. I found the perfect pair but I thought they were plain so my creative juices started flowing. I took the remaining money and headed to Our local craft store  and fabric store and found the cutest crystal buttons and cute brown and blue feathers. I used a clip and glued them together for the perfect accessory for my new shoes! I am a girl who loves her bling, so I cannot wait to wear these. Now I need some more flats to make more shoe clips! A girl can never have enough shoes! These will dress up any old pair you may have! So cute and classy!

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  1. Oh my, how'd I miss this post? Those clips w/ feathers are adorable! Very clever. :)

    I have to ask, can you feel the clip side against your foot? That would be my only worry. But I absolutely LOVE your bling. And wow to your black jean find. That's not a bargain...that's a steal! :D

    I love seeing art & fashion through your eyes. That's something I did not get handed to me. I get intimidated or settle for less. I love how you see the possibilities in things and go for it.