Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Pink Explosion! Crystal Charm Bracelet

Double Pink Explosion! Gemstone Bracelet

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Key to My Heart ~ Charm Earrings

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Decorate Your Home for FALL

     I am wife to my best friend, a mother to 9 beautiful adult children, and creator of beautiful jewelry. This time of year I long for the cooler weather, changing colors, and making memories with family in our home. Our home is a haven, a refuge, and a place you can come to after a hard day or weekend of travel and just relax and be yourself. The word hospitality contains the word hospital in it and that is what I see our home to be... a place of hope, healing, and restoration. To decorate the changing seasons throughout our home is one of my favorite things to do. Fresh decor and color sets the tone and is a way I can use my creativity and design style to make my family and guests feel welcome as well as bring a bit of the colors and feel of fall throughout each room in our home.
    The entrance to your home sets the tone. It is still too hot (102 degrees F today but will be in the perfect 70's by this weekend) to fill my porch planted boxes so I will show you what our foyer looks like.
     I covered the round table that tucks under our front staircase in the foyer with floral and fruit fall colored fabric round tablecloth I made, used a vintage lace runner, placed a wicker cornucopia filled with silk and dried flowers fruits and nuts, beautiful soft golden candles with silk ribbons and leaves on verdigris green metal candle sticks, a resin angel art piece, and a gift book that has HOME in the title.
    This is view of the entry with similar tall candlesticks always in a trio with candles that are changed each season, I love our deep red walls and the large mirror which is a great way to enlarge a space. The wall art is simple with a beautiful clock and painted wood art that were both gifts. I bring in color and use silk and realistic looking vines and fall fruits.
    In our dining room I use this barn wood side table and vintage lace to add some drama and a really feeling of home. I made the large wreath myself a few years ago just using a large garland from Hobby Lobby at end of season clearance and some added sprigs of fall fruit and vegetables hot glued and wired onto a large grapevine wreath. the quilted framed piece is a keepsake made by my mother, and Flitz and Floyd porcelian vase I filled with silk leaves and fall flowers.

   Our dining room table is large with three leaves to seat 12. I usually only keep 2 leaves in because it has to be angled when fully loaded. The table runner I sewed  is reversible with spring patterned decorator fabric on one side and a neutral green on the side shown. The tall silver Southern Living candlestick are a staple which are fun to change and decorate and well as the silver large bowl (also Southern Living) that I create coordinating centerpieces for each season. For fall I use again the silk garland cut up and add the extra touches with my grandmother's porcelain figurines, and beautiful Fitz and Floyd candle holder.
    Our home has 3 fireplaces and a wood burning stove so I love to decorate the mantels each season. Beautiful current pictures of our family with warm shades or golden butter yellow on our kitchen walls are a perfect combination for my collection of yellow ceramic pottery and the fruit ceramic design was a school project from one of my children. The pretty rooster and hen prints stay up all year except at Christmas.
   This is another quilted runner my lovely crafty friend, Karen, made for me. We have a great square table in our kitchen which seats 10. We love to sit here the best so many times we add chairs so we can just all be together. I love the light in this space. Our daughter created these wooden candle holders as her centerpieces for each table at her wedding last October. We used trees off of our own acreage. They were her party favors for her guests.  So fun and pretty. Wished you could come and share a cup of coffee with me. My favorite place in our home.
  I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my home and my sense of style and decor with inspire you to decorate and create a seasonal style in your own home that will give you, your family , and guests a touch of warmth, comfort, and healing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Review of Sterling Silver Ball Chain 1.5mm - Sold By The Foot

Originally submitted at

Sterling Silver Ball Chain 1.5mm Ball, .9mm Bar Spacer Sold By The Foot Genuine Sterling Silver. Connector bar can fit inside balls, offering maximum flexibility. Measurements: Each ball is 1.5mm in diameter. There is one link between each ball. Each link is .9mm long. We also sell a Sterling Silve...

Sterling Silver Ball Chain

By MP Designs Jewelry from Muskogee, OK on 7/17/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Versatile, Good Value, Good Durability, Appearance, High Quality

Describe Yourself: An experienced beader

Thanks once again for a great product. I was looking for the perfect chain for a custom handstamped charm necklace for a little girl I was creating and this ball chain was the perfect size.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Hunt For The Perfect Flats

I love a good shopping expedition. It feels like a hunt: the best price, the perfect color, the separates that need matching shoes. So was my day yesterday. I had some birthday money and knew if I did not spend it on myself then it would go to gas, groceries, or the endless needs of my teenagers. So I went the mall, not sure what I was going for but women get the idea. My lioness prowl mode was turned on. I found a cute black basic shirt at Dillards with a clearance jacket in an animal print that I thought would look cute and dress up some great black straight leg jeans I had recently found marked from $125 down to $24! Yes, I love a bargain. Well I knew I needed some comfortable flats for winter but I did not have much birthday money left so I headed to Payless for affordable shoes. I found the perfect pair but I thought they were plain so my creative juices started flowing. I took the remaining money and headed to Our local craft store  and fabric store and found the cutest crystal buttons and cute brown and blue feathers. I used a clip and glued them together for the perfect accessory for my new shoes! I am a girl who loves her bling, so I cannot wait to wear these. Now I need some more flats to make more shoe clips! A girl can never have enough shoes! These will dress up any old pair you may have! So cute and classy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Was Lost and Now I Am Found

Okay, have you ever lost something? You have searched and searched...keys, handbag, cellphone, that one special earring? I was able to help a customer who found me from a my page on She gave me a call and explained what she had lost. One of her favorite sterling silver Swarovski Crystal Elements earrings that had a heart charm for the focal piece. I have learned being in a creative design business to say, "Sure, I can help you!" is a better answer than, "I will try to see if I can replicate your piece." Being an "I can do it!" type of designer always yields better results and I love to challenge myself. She mailed me the single earring and the hunt began.

I discovered upon opening her package that the earrings were sterling silver, the crystals were Swarovski and I had them in stock. I chose to replace them for the new pair of earrings so they were not look worn.The heart charm was a little harder to solve. The crystal were set in a manufactured heart charm. I looked for the charms on eBay and different bead supplies online stores to find a few charms that came close but I would have to buy in bulk and ship from China and I was not willing to spend that much. I considered even using Rhodium and purchased heart charms without the crystals in both materials and gluing but then I hate when the crystals fall off. The sterling heart charms I found were the  perfect matching size and I decided to try wire wrapping  using artisan silver non-tarnishing wire. I planned out the placing of the crystals in the same configuration as the original earring and began wrapping. I took a picture with my phone and sent her a text before I completed both earrings and she loved it! I finished the second one and sent her a final picture.

She sent me a message that I was an "artistic genius". Those were her words, but it made me laugh. Then she said her mom had lost an earring and she was sending me a picture of it to see what I could do to replicate it.

Her challenge  was the fuel for my creativity. I believe for the most part that I can make almost anything or at least figure out a way to do it. Here is the picture of the earring she sent me and then my final results.

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Twin Boys 17th Birthday

Okay, 17 years ago I was a wreck, very sick and had been put to be for almost 10 weeks after discovering that we were having twins and that they were discordant. Asa, the little one, was not getting enough blood supply because Ezra, bigger, had a much larger umbilical cord, thus more blood supply. Enough of the details..they came early because I had developed toxemia and we were not sure i would even make it. But that is another story for another time...You will have to invite me to one of your women's events or weekends to share my whole story and testimony of the fragrance of the Lord and when I felt my life slipping away how He spoke to me.

On that day my babies, Asa Robert who weighed in at only 2 lb 7 oz and Ezra Thomas who weighed 3lbs 10 oz, were born. They were so small but fighters. This day is so special to me because knowing they would be my last children born and the physical struggles we all three had to go through and to see them now - strong, tall, and full of life - brings me so much joy and happiness to know that as a mom I am blessed.

We celebrated with a beautiful homemade hamburger cake our daughter Glory Thompson created.
what every 17 year old wants for a gift!

our young men!

So proud of our young men now, no longer babies, but ready to take on the world. I am honored to be your mother!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Raina Jernigan High School Graduation 2011

Okay, I has been almost a month since my last blog. We have been so busy. Our baby girl, Raina Joy, has graduated from Muskogee High School. She is the 7th of our 9 children. My twins, Asa and Ezra will be graduating next year. Wow time flies by.

I wanted to share some of the pictures from our celebration! We dressed our best. My jacket and Peter Nygard Embroidered Belted black cotton dress were from Dillards. Raina had the cutest black dress with black tulle peaking out from the hem. Dennis looked great as usual with black slacks, tan jacket and grey knit shirt.
Proud mom and dad!
We decorated the table using Raina's design sense using hot pink and creme for the theme.
Table Decorations
The pink paper lanterns were from Hobby Lobby. The silver candlesticks were from Southern Living. Special touches of black tulle and creme ribbon under the pink candles matches Raina's dress and theme. I used my mother's vintage embroidered table cloth. My daughter, Glory Thompson, made her famous Red Velvet Cake Balls

Graduation March          

 Let the party get started!

Pretty pink lanterns
Our friends helped us get the house ready for the party while we were at graduation. They only pass out a certain number of tickets per child...large families have to ask around for extras.

           More Pretty cakes photos
More Photos Raina Jernigan Photography

       Harmony House

Time to Thunder Up!

Gifts from family and friends.
Pretty sentimental cards

Vintage pearls from momma

Art supplies