Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Restory ~ The Story Behind The Design

I have a special friend who has been a part of my family's life for many years. My husband is a worship leader and travels all around the world singing in many different settings and when our children were younger many of the roads trips included listing to cassettes (okay I know that ages me) to our favorite "Story Lady", Melea Brock.
Melea Brock She is a story-teller at Right-Side-Up Stories

With the advance of social networking I have reconnected with her and now my children are older and do not listen to cassettes in the car but I have the cd's ready for when I do have grandchildren. She found my FaceBook page and discovered I create jewelry. As an artist herself she commissioned me to create a piece of jewelry for her. Her instructions were simple, "Just do what you do!" Then my questions began, " Did you have any color idea? chain, beads or both? I am still meditating about your idea...
Do you have a word that you are thinking of? I have not tried stamping...but that gives me some ideas.."
She replies, "Story" is an obvious one... but let me think.
I love symbols too--key, lock, heart, book, sheep,..."
This goes on for about 3 months...you get the idea.
Well, I sent her pictures of my design process:
Phase 1

I gathered all of my bold colored gemstones and sterling silver chain and unique Bali handmade sterling beads. She had sent me some of her sentimental sterling charms and I added some I thought would have special meaning...

Phase 2

Worked out the spacing and added the sterling silver chain....

Finished Product

This is what Melea had to say about what the word, Restory means to her.

This word RESTORY is dear to me... as a storyteller and author. The word had deep meaning for me as a follower of Jesus... for He has taken what is refuse, death, pains and wounds, disappointment (and more) and restory-ed me with His magnificent breath-taking Story. His pages laid across the pages of my life... I have come to understand His exquisite Pen with its permanent ink versus my feeble dull-pointed squat of a pencil, with eraser worn down to a numb... He is the Author of Life... mine and yours. Melea J. Brock


  1. I love it on so many levels, beautiful necklace but even better story!

  2. Thanks so much! I love doing custom work.