Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Raina High School Prom 2011

Getting all dolled up!
I wanted to share pictures from Raina's, our youngest daughter, senior high school prom. Getting ready is most of the fun. Here she is with just her own makeup, no hair yet or dress! I think she does a great job! 
Rachel and Raina ready to party!
It is more fun getting ready with a friend!
Raina did the hair for both of them!
 Raina had to help me design the perfect bracelet, Raindrop, that would sparkle and shine. We used 5 strands of Swarovski crystals and finished it with a puffed sterling heart charm at the adjustable clasp. It would be perfect for any special evening, bridal  or wedding, or with a little black dress.

By The Stairs

 Taking photos by the grand staircase is a tradition in our home.

Say cheese!
She wore a striped black and white White House l Black Market sleeveless dress and cute classic black pumps from DSW. He wore black slacks were his own, vest was from Dillards, and jacket was borrowed from my son, Judah, with a white shirt from Ross and black tie, His sneakers  from Aldo were all black as well.
Raina with her boyfriend, Chip!

The flowers were creamy white rose buds and from I'm A Basket Case in Muskogee. They really had a great time. Leaving the prom early and then going to his house with friends for a mom-cooked breakfast was a great way to end the event!

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